24 Jun 2008

And the last of postal joy

I knwo this is turning into a shopping blog (I'm sure there must be such a genre) rather than a crafting blog, but this should be the last fabulous package for a while.

Today my custom made doiley arrived, ready for Annabelle's impending birthday. (I had no expectations of the doiley arriving this quickly (it had to be crocheted first! and then travel the world!) but here it is, so it will be added to the birthday bounty.)

I highly recommend this Etsy mother and daughter team, Crochetingbyrose - it's such a special gift... and I figure daggy enough to be classic, as my darling daughter's life progresses.

Other birthday business is underway - buying balloons, lollies to decorate the cake, and the all-important birthday dress. I like this tradition, and we follow it with Lucas too (in his case the birthday outfit.)

It's time to make a list of birthday preparations.

It's also time to make a list of my crafty commitments - I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed right now, so some planning time is definitely needed.

Mum was slightly bemused when I said I couldn't help much with her Dad's birthday party, because I would be too busy knitting in the Tour de France KAL.


Michelle said...

That filet crochet piece is AMAZING!

And personally I find nothing wrong with shopping blogs!

Gabrielle said...

I've enjoyed your shopping posts, vicarious shopping enjoyment I guess! I have been browsing at Hancocks at Paducah too, thanks for putting me on to them, when I do finally buy some new fabric I think it will be online, the prices are just so much better right now.

Corrie said...

oh wow that is gorgeous! I better go and find that store as my mum is a crocheter but could never manage that.....wow that would make a great pressie!