24 Jun 2008

And the last of postal joy

I knwo this is turning into a shopping blog (I'm sure there must be such a genre) rather than a crafting blog, but this should be the last fabulous package for a while.

Today my custom made doiley arrived, ready for Annabelle's impending birthday. (I had no expectations of the doiley arriving this quickly (it had to be crocheted first! and then travel the world!) but here it is, so it will be added to the birthday bounty.)

I highly recommend this Etsy mother and daughter team, Crochetingbyrose - it's such a special gift... and I figure daggy enough to be classic, as my darling daughter's life progresses.

Other birthday business is underway - buying balloons, lollies to decorate the cake, and the all-important birthday dress. I like this tradition, and we follow it with Lucas too (in his case the birthday outfit.)

It's time to make a list of birthday preparations.

It's also time to make a list of my crafty commitments - I'm feeling a touch overwhelmed right now, so some planning time is definitely needed.

Mum was slightly bemused when I said I couldn't help much with her Dad's birthday party, because I would be too busy knitting in the Tour de France KAL.

23 Jun 2008

Another great mail day...

Today I received fabric ordered from Cabbage Rose Quilting. 10 yards packed incredibly well into a Global Priority bag - best packing I've ever received.

My 10 yards cost $80 Australian (including delivery.) The fabrics I bought sell in my local quilting shop for $24/metre. Little wonder I cannot afford to shop locally.

Also in the mail was 6 months of family photographs. I've since discovered I still need 6 more months to bring the album up to date. Digital photography means I take many, many more photos but print much fewer.

Lastly, I received a fat quarter of flannel fabric to make a Blanket of Love for this year's Down Under Quilts competition.

21 Jun 2008

There's no Business like Sew Business...

Things have been busy around here. Last week I showed the lovely first package from Amitie. I've made this log cabin cushion to make my new sewing nook look pretty.

Then I wanted to make something out of the other fat quarter too, and ended up following Dragoknit's tutorial for a box bag. It worked out well, although an odd shape. It's working out really well as a pouch for Little People.

Next sewing job- lolly bags for the impending birthday party!

18 Jun 2008


That's what I've been doing this week. Shuffling pieces of paper around, filing, sorting, shuffling as I move heavy pieces of furniture. Also shuffling the feather duster around. Operation clean, efficient house is continuing.

Today I switched some furniture around. Now my sewing machine can remain ready for use, without interfering with the dinner table, or being an invitation for my adventurous twin nephews on their regular visits.

I also washed this quilt, which has been used as a tablecloth for a couple of years now. It was finished in 1997, at a time when Dh and I were sharing a house with both of my sisters. We'd just returned from 3 months living and working in London, and then 2 months of travelling in Europe and Africa. One of my sisters was preparing for her wedding and move to the UK, the other was studying at the University. It was a nice time - living together as adults, all busy and happy.

12 Jun 2008

I love my postie!

Last month, I joined the Amitie VIP blog program, and today look what my favourite postie brought;

I find prints like this tricky to use, but fortunately I do have a small idea of what to do with the white background print. The linen-ish looking one will be harder, because I like it LOTS.

Today my sister and I took our kids to our local discount shopping centre, where they spent some quality time in the indoor playground. This was enriched by the frequent views of planes taking off and landing. Not enough, according to one of my nephews. "More, more!" he shouted. Over and over again.

Swap goodness!

Lately, it's been swap heaven around here. On Tuesday, I received a swap package organised on Ravelry, for a hand made washcloth, and soap. I received a lovely knitted cloth, and handmade soap from Deb.

And there was another package too, this one all the way from the USA. JMBran a contest on her blog, to celebrate 118 posts, and I was the lucky winner. I sure am lucky - look at that bag!

And the contents! Sooo cool.

8 Jun 2008

Long Weekend...

We're celebrating the Queen's Birthday here in Canberra with a long weekend. And this means fireworks! All over the place.... I have mixed feelings about them (mostly to do with small children, and explosive devices...) However, I did enjoy our family gathering, and the photographs were great fun to take.

This morning DH has taken the children off to visit his parents, and I have been busy. I've completed a supersecret block for a baby quilt, and actually pieced and sandwiched an entire cot quilt, for my sister's new baby (due in less than a month now.)

I'm also working on a cowl, since most of my tops seem to be open necked, and winter is drawing in.

Sassy Summer

I received my Sassy Apron Swap Summer Apron last week, and am loving using it!

Look how nice it is;

And look at the piping! and the knitted dishcloth :)

I'm very happy, thanks very much Lauren!

3 Jun 2008

Spring time!

It sure was spring like here yesterday, with the arrival of my Four Seasons Quilt Swap spring parcel. I was very excited, as you'd expect with all this goodness;

And if the lovely quilt wasn't enough;

Thanks so much, Wendy. I appreciate it :)

1 Jun 2008

hip hip hooray!

I've celebrated another birthday. Firstly with Nigella's custard birthday cake from Feast.

And secondly, another Nigella masterpiece - the butterscotch layered cake, from Domestic Goddess.

I've received various hand made cards, a new bike (which makes me feel about 10, getting a bike for my birthday!), a book, several Pandora beads for my bracelet, and a voucher for yarn goodness. Lovely.

I've also been a part of a quilting fabric birthday swap, and received all these wonderful fat quarters. I requested 'brights' and have got a lovely range.

Thanks Cass, Adds, Amanda, Emma, Natalie, Helen, Bec, Lily, Kylie, Aj and Xena. I have plans for an applique floral type leafy stippy quilt for Annabelle's room. Of course, it'll have to wait a while, since the to do list is growing enormously.