21 May 2008

WIP Wednesday

Yesterday, I decided that I need to be more accountable on how I'm using my available time. Nothing silly, but I do want to make the effort so spending time in creative pursuits is a daily affair.

Today, I dyed some wool, ready to become my own pair of Thuja socks.

First, I skeined 3 balls of Cleckheaton Country wool.

Next, soaked it in a bath of 3:1 water:vinegar for an hour.

Laid it all out on plastic wrap, and lavishly spooned over 1 1/2 bottles of food colouring. After cleaning up (the reason there is no photo of this step!), wrap the wool in a sausage shape with the plastic wrap, and microwave on high for 2 minutes.

Rinse, and dry.

It's still drying, but photos will be forthcoming tomorrow.

I also spent some time drawing a thought for my next quilt. Not too successfully, but it started off some other ideas....


Michelle said...

Great colours! And I love the idea of documenting your crafty time. I will read on with interest!

Louise said...

Wow, your wool looks great! Thanks for the tutorial, one day I'd love to have a go at dyeing some wool as well. Food colouring isn't too scary a concept for me... ;)

Kate said...

Great dyeing - it will make fabulous Thujas!