17 May 2008

Sewing on Saturday

and having fun even. It's a cold, fairly miserable day here, so perfect to stay indoors and do seom sewing. The 'summer' themed apron swap is due to be posted June 1, and I've been having real trouble finding any hint of summer. In the end, I've gone with a tropical print, teamed with giant ricrac, and a more generic bright green floral.

I don't actually enjoy summer that much. Much increased risk of sunburn, too hot to spend much time outside, and of course all the plants dry out very quickly. A true summer theme around here is brittle yellow grass, and parched wilted gardens, lit by a bleaching sun. Which wouldn't make much of an apron (or a quilt either, thinking ahead to the next swap.)

So instead, my theme is more tropical - lush gardens on an expensive island resort. That's the kind of summer I can enjoy... although an apron probably would not be included in my luggage.

I'm making good progress on the apron, but have to pause while my DH has an afternoon nap (we keep theiron in our bedroom.)

Newsflash - it's finished :) Now I just have to finish knitting the dishcloth, and I'll be ready to post.


Leanne said...

Very cute aprons... oh I love summer it is cold and wet here today our first day of winter.

Gabrielle said...

I love your aprons, they do remind me of a tropical resort, what a lovely thought! So impressed with the swallowtail shawl too, it is brilliant, and you seemed to finish it in a flash!

ingrid said...

It looks wonderful! I opted out of this round as I just couldnt see myself getting in the summer theme while I was enjoying brisk autumn days. But seeing yours I wish I had made the effort.

Slender Octopus said...

wowsers! Tutti fruity tutti fruity!

fiona said...

Love your aprons! i would so totally wear them as skirts!