22 May 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Well, I've spent some time folling my dyed skeins back into balls, and am fairly pleased with them so far. They have some lighter sections (which don't show up in these pictures) but I think they'll be fine when knitted.

I've also started knitting a hat for one of my twin nephews. This is made out of Bella Baby 'Layette', a 20% wool, 80% bamboo yarn using the Sweet Leaf pattern . It's looking good so far.

Yesterday, I started with another yarn, Patons Jet, which is 30% alpaca, 70% wool. I was wheezing before I'd finished casting on. So that's definitely the alpaca that causes me the problem them (the last yarn also had mohair in it.... but now I know.)

Finally, I've had another idea for the tree quilt I am considering. It started out yesterday in a very pictorial representation of my grandmother's painting below. My design has changed substantially, and I'm *nearly* ready to start cutting. Pink.

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Kylie said...

Love the dyed wool - it is fun isnt it - is it the first time you have done it! Love Love Love the colour.