20 Apr 2008

Operation Uplift!

Nope, not me.
Our new cubby house.

The kids are over the moon. Actually, no, they're out the back in the cubby house.

Knitting action; I'm knitting a Swallowtail shawl out of some bamboo Posh Yarn, and am enjoying it. No need for my cautious lifelines YET.

The kids and I visited my parents last week, and while there Lucas did some lovely chalk drawings. This is Annabelle on her scooter.

I think I'll embroider it on a cushion (when I've finished the Swallowtail, bound and posted the four seasons quilt, cleaned the house (hah!), and attended a christening.)


Michelle said...

Oh, that looks like fun!

Gabrielle said...

Wow, what an awesome cubby! Did you buy it new? I have been doing some trawling on ebay for some play stuff for Thomas for the backyard - anything to keep him entertained outside for a while and not tearing the house apart! I can't tell you how much I love that drawing, kids drawings are the best.

Helen said...

Wow what a great cubby! All it needs is some gingham curtains!

Kate said...

Great cubby house! And love the shawl.