11 Apr 2008

Friday moments

There's been lots of baking here today. The preschool are having a cake stall, and we're contributing gluten-free Honey Joys and banana muffins. It's also my mother in law's birthday, and we'll be popping in for afternoon tea with a birthday cake. (note; it's Nigella's choc cake recipe from 'How to Eat' and I'm optimistic about it.)

There's also been a little applique, as my Four Season Quilt Swap quilt is taking shape.

And, of course, a little knitting. This is Cleckheaton Bamboo (incredibly soft) in a Dream Swatch.

1 comment:

Cascade Lily said...

Well if the cake batter looks that good, the cake will be fabulous! Nice work on the scarf there :)