30 Apr 2008

Another trip,

and we're back home again. There's been far too much gadding about lately. Last week we went to Dubbo, mainly to visit the fabulous Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

We stayed in Dubbo 2 nights, which allowed us to do their early morning behind the scenes walk before shooting off to the Central Coast for the christening of our newest niece.

I've also managed to finish some socks, and bamboo head scarf. I'm plugging away on the Swallowtail shawl, and am very close to completing and posting my Four Seasons Quilt Swap quilt (good thing, too, as the posting date is tomorrow!)

20 Apr 2008

Operation Uplift!

Nope, not me.
Our new cubby house.

The kids are over the moon. Actually, no, they're out the back in the cubby house.

Knitting action; I'm knitting a Swallowtail shawl out of some bamboo Posh Yarn, and am enjoying it. No need for my cautious lifelines YET.

The kids and I visited my parents last week, and while there Lucas did some lovely chalk drawings. This is Annabelle on her scooter.

I think I'll embroider it on a cushion (when I've finished the Swallowtail, bound and posted the four seasons quilt, cleaned the house (hah!), and attended a christening.)

12 Apr 2008

Ohhh, the potential!

My Hancocks order arrived yesterday... 51 fat quarters from Kaffe Fassett's ranges. Goodness me....

I've spent a few more hours appliqueing the centre of my Four Seasons quilt, and am pleased with the way it's going. Next is embroidering some stems, and then onto the border.

11 Apr 2008

Friday moments

There's been lots of baking here today. The preschool are having a cake stall, and we're contributing gluten-free Honey Joys and banana muffins. It's also my mother in law's birthday, and we'll be popping in for afternoon tea with a birthday cake. (note; it's Nigella's choc cake recipe from 'How to Eat' and I'm optimistic about it.)

There's also been a little applique, as my Four Season Quilt Swap quilt is taking shape.

And, of course, a little knitting. This is Cleckheaton Bamboo (incredibly soft) in a Dream Swatch.

2 Apr 2008

A little knitting, a little cleaning...

Exciting, isn't it. I'm labouring through the housework at the moment. It's taking all my mental energy to actually do anything! Fortunately, the kids are behaving nicely, and I have a little time left over for knitting.

Today I finished another sock, Thuja. These are made for my DH out of Country Silk 8ply wool, and what a treat to be knitting socks with 8ply. They are sooooo fast. This was cast on in the car on Friday afternoon, on our trip down the coast, and I grafted the toe today. I didn't touch my knitting on Monday or Tuesday.

After visiting my doctor for routine checks, my blood pressure appeared different than usual. So now I'm monitoring it three times a day, which is great fun.

Quilting has taken a back seat, and I really need to get back into it. I have my Round Robin to do (haven't done March's round yet!) and Spring Four Seasons Quilt to do for a swap. It needs to be in the mail relatively soon, so GET STARTED! Tomorrow evening is the Canberra Quilters meeting, so maybe that will provide the impetus I need.