14 Mar 2008

A time of change...

It really feels like things are changing. We are becoming accustomed to the new preschool routine (and it is sinking in that I will be making lunches and ferrying children around for a very long time to come...) I am thinking more and more on what I want from the next phase of my life.

There's been a bit of thinking time this week since I have been fighting off either a heavy cold or a light flu. I've been too miserable to read or knit. And as for sewing, the energy to get out the sewing machine has simply not been there.

The inlaws have been away too, so we have missed out on our twice weekly dinner/card nights. These are a major source of my adult companionship.

Lucas turns 5 next week, and we are having a small party to celebrate. Before that, he'll be taking cupcakes to preschool to share with his class, which need to be individually packaged with an ingredient list. Complications with the party revolve around the day being Good Friday (and hence a no meat day for our catholic companions), and with our automatic party option being a barbecue lunch. Creativity will be required.

Knitting is slow work at the moment - I am onto the handles of my Ravelry swap bag, and onto the yoke of Lucas' jumper. I'm also knitting a washcloth on the side, out of a cotton/bamboo mix yarn. I really want to start work on a shawl out of cashmere laceweight yarn.... but I'm finishing these projects first. Sigh.

I'm also trying to plan a break - I think we need more of this picture below in our lives!

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Cascade Lily said...

I'd love a mini-break that doesn't include driving 8 hours south to visit family...doesn't end up feeling like a break at all!

Yep, those leaves are a-turning :)