7 Mar 2008

Sassy, isn't it!

Today was a great mail day - I received my Sassy Apron Swap apron!

Wrapped in fabric, was a lovely apron. Definitely springlike, which somehow is just perfect when summer is fading away too.

I tried taking a photo of me wearing the apron, but I just couldn't manage it. Even using a mirror and a self timer.

And look at all the goodies inside - and one of those bluebird cards is magnetic - far too nice for the kitchen, it's going straight to the pool room. (well, the filing cabinet anyway!)

Thanks so much, Ingrid. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and was thrilled to be the recipient of your apron!


Gabrielle said...

Lovely apron! Leah I also wanted to let you know I recieved your beautiful washcloth and soap parcel yesterday and have finally found a moment to put it on my blog - thank you sooooo much, it is exquisite! All the best

ingrid said...

Yay Leah! I am so glad you are happy with it. I was rather nevous about this swap, especially after I spied the lovely goodies you sent off.