6 Mar 2008

7 weird things

The Rules:
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3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
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Thanks for tagging me Quilting Mick

1. I consider myself a homebody, and a stable kind of person HOWEVER since leaving home after finishing uni I have lived in 12 different homes (in 14 years.) Astonishing. I hate it.

2. Travel used to be very important to me, but now I just consider HOW MUCH a trip would cost, and cringe at the thought of spending that much that could be in our mortgage. Yes, I am conservative. But I can still happily spend $30 at Woolies every day of the week.

3. My non-crafty friends consider me creative. I'm not - I just follow patterns, and adapt other people's ideas.

4. I may be a stay at home mother but this does not mean I play with my children all day. In fact, we rarely play together - I see my playing ideas as stopping their ideas from developing.

5. I am a comper. I enter lots of competitions, and win stuff. It's fun, and often regarded as weird.

6. My imagination is limited. When choosing a career, I was pretty much limited to things I had seen in action. With a little imagination I'm sure I could have managed something that would have seen me living in Africa.

7. Having said that, my family continues to be very important to me, so I probably would have gone crazy being so far away from everyone anyway.

Phew, that was hard work. Sorry, I don't tag, so I'll be breaking Rule No. 4. But please feel free to consider yourself tagged :)

And finally, another washcloth from the Monthly KAL This one is entitled "The Empty Tomb' and is an Easter design.

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