29 Feb 2008

Roosting Robin round 2

And I forgot to say I have snuck in under the February deadline for the Roosting Robin;


Gabrielle said...

Hi Leah, sorry I'm so behind on my commenting - I was so very thrilled to read your last post and find that I'd won one of your gorgeous hand knitted washcloths!and your lovely soap! You've made my day, and can rest assured it will be treasured.

I love your quilt too, and the lovely charm bracelet from your last post.

Thanks again.

Lissa Jane said...

like your RR, I haven't finished my second round, I did applique on it.. which wasn't smart cause round 3 has applique.. bugger..

a charm bracelet stuck in a dogs nose? I need to know the rest of that story!


Tamara said...

Thanks for your lovely comment.

I moved around lots when I was a kid. It is lovely to finally put my roots down.

Your washcloth looks lovely.