11 Feb 2008

Another step....

into the independent world.

Lucas started preschool today. It was an introductory session, with only half the class there, and running for half the usual time. We discussed what would happen many times in advance, and he seemed absolutely fine. Parents were welcome to stay while the children worked on puzzles and read stories, and during this time Lucas asked me three times if I was going yet (I choose to believe this was to confirm arrangements rather than a hint to go...)

He wasn't well over the weekend, but appeared fine this morning. This afternoon he's again not so good, so I guess there's a decision to be made tomorrow morning. A pity to miss the first full day, if it can be helped.

I've had a relaxing weekend, with time to go solo shopping. (Last weekend DH was building a fence with our neighbour, so no time out at all for me.) The weather has turned cool, although my sister assures me it is way too soon to be considered autumn yet.

There has also been time for knitting. I have completed the Branching Out scarf in Posh Yarn, and another 2 dishcloths, one of which will be DH's Valentine's Day gift - yep, we do go all out!

In other news, I conquered a small fear of large groups, and attended a meeting of the Canberra Quilters. It was an interesting evening, and I enjoyed it.


Michelle said...

Lucas looks so grown up with his hat and his backpack! Hope he's well enough to go to school tomorrow.

I missed CQ last week as I was in Sydney - it would have been lovely to meet you finally! Next time you go, let me know and I'll be sure to seek you out (I understand the big groups thing - I would rather not go somewhere than deal with a large group. It's one of the reasons I had a small wedding).

Michelle said...

PS. Beautiful scarf! It's almost getting to be scarf weather in the mornings these days, isn't it?

Louise said...

Congratulations to Lucas :) My daughter is at her 3rd week of preschool at the moment, she still looks lost when I drop her off in the mornings, I have to tell myself that it's for the best!

I love your knitting projects, one day I will conquer my knitting fears :)

Corrie said...

oh I love the scarf! I used that pattern for the ISE last year and it looks so great in variegated yarn! yours looks beautiful!!!!

and how cute do your little ones look, adorable!