29 Feb 2008

And life rolls on...

Thanks for all your kind comments - I appreciate them.

I've spent a little time crafting, and here is last year's Easter wallhanging, getting a little closer to actually hanging.

We visited the Canberra Show for the first time. Like most things here, I compare it to the Sydney version. Definitely a small town relation.

My Mum came up to visit for a few days, mainly to check on how I was doing. And the surprising answer was, just fine. That is, as soon as the phone call happened to say the new baby had arrived safely. Suddenly she was no longer the pregnancy that should have been mine, but herself. Thank heavens.

For Christmas, my parents gave me a Pandora bracelet. The charms they gave me with it were an angel (for Nalani) and a gift box (for Christmas). Since then DH has given me a swan, and I've bought myself an elephant. Mum and Dad went shopping before Mum came up, and found a heart for me. I wear it all the time, and look at it often.

In other news, I am about to get myself organised and draw the longest ever blogging contest. And the winner is; Gabrielle!


Michelle said...

The charm bracelet is beautiful - what a great idea!

So glad you are feeling better too.

Michelle said...

PS. I've tagged you!