4 Jan 2008

A slow start...

to the new year, that is.

The new hobby is going well, not that I'm knocking myself out chasing around for birds. In fact, all birdwatching has been done from the comfort of the backyard. The only problem so far has bee competing for the binoculars - the kids adore using them. I'm up to 9 species. Like I said, a slow start.

I've done a little knitting - a cabled washcloth, and started on a new pair of socks.

I'm also planning my year's creative endeavours - so far I'm participating in a FQ swap (definitely low energy!), a roosting robin (like a round robin, but it roosts here with me rather than travelling 'round), and am considering joining a quilting class.

Tomorrow I'll be visiting a quilt shop which offers interesting classes, and possibly signing up for one. The shop is quite a distance, so I'll be combining it with a birding visit, making the most of being child-free.

Most interesting of all, I've had another idea for my working life. It would involve retraining, which isn't possible till July, so I've time to consider, and think. The most rewarding part of my previous job was teaching Agriculture in high schools. As far as I can make out, it's not really a subject here in the ACT.

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Michelle said...

I think ag might be a subject at Kaleen High? Not sure.

Which classes are you looking at? I am signed up again for the BOM class in Hobbysew, and I think that's all my time will allow!