1 Jan 2008

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the new year in a quiet manner, as most parents of small children do. An evening spent at home, with the inlaws playing cards. More of a treat, since we haven't done this for a while.

This is traditionally a time for taking stock, and looking back. Instead, I've decided to look forwards.

I am armed with a practical Resolution this year - that birdwatching be my new hobby. Minimal equipment required (we already had a bird book and binoculars) - in fact a $2 notebook seemed to be all I need. I started out slow, in the backyard.

Lucas will be starting preschool next month. A big change for us, since he has not been in any kind of outside care since birth. Annabelle is going to miss him (as, of course, will I.)

Right now, I feel these two items are enough to be going on with. As anxiety is looming, I'm going to concentrate on getting my house in order for a while. This is both a literal and metaphoric statement, so there's plenty to be done.

In other news, this is my 200th blog post, another reason for celebration. I'd like to give away a prize to a random commenter, so please leave a message. The prize will be a knitted washcloth, with a bar of handmade soap, and I am prepared to post worldwide.


Michelle said...

200 posts! Congratulations! I completely missed my 100th post, I'm such a ditz. I have another 90 odd posts to go to my 200th!

Happy new year! I think mine was spent as quietly as yours mainly because we don't celebrate new years. Like you, I'd rather look forward. Good luck with getting your "house" in order!

Gabrielle said...

Hi Leah - congratulations on 200 posts! Happy new year to you and your family. We had a quiet one too, walking up to a local hill to get the tiniest glimpse of fireworks at 9, and then I had to wake Warren again for champagne at midnight - parenthood is so glamorous! I hope the preschool goes really well for Lucas. I know how anxious you must be feeling, but I'm sure he will have lots of fun once he settles in. Good luck with the birdwatching - it sounds like a nice hobby - we have a friend who is very keen, but he manages to spend lots of money flying around Australia and the world to see rare birds. I'm sure Canberra is a great place to start though! All the best G

Gabrielle said...

Hi again Leah, I just read through your previous post, and it made me cry - I wish I'd read it earlier and left a comment with my best wishes and hugs - I can imagine how this time of celebration must bring up such sad thoughts about your lost little girl. I hope 2008 is full of healing and love and happiness for you all.

Leah said...

Thanks Gabrielle - definitely an emotional Christmas!

Anne said...

Congratulations on your 200th post!

I'm a first time visitor to your blog. I have only started to blog about a week ago. This is a whole new world to me.

I'm having great fun checking out all the craft blogs on the Australian Craft Blog Index.

My son is also about to start pre- school in about 2 weeks. He has grown up so fast.