3 Dec 2007

Advent has begun

I'm so glad when December starts - I feel like permission has been officially granted (by the calendar) to spend all my spare time thinking about Christmas.

We attended my niece's 5th birthday party on Saturday. It was a dress-up party, with the options being princess, fairy, pirate or superhero. I finally managed to dissuade Lucas from being a princess and instead he attended as a wizard (magic! sparkles!) Annabelle dressed as a fairy.

This has complicated our readings of the Christmas Story a little though, with many discussions on the difference between fairies and angels. So far, we've gone with idea that when people die they go to heaven and become angels. (Complicated by our dear departed chook - "Is Blackie an angel, Mummy?")

We had a short visit from my English sister and her 2 children. While she was here, my other sister had arranged for a photographer to come and take a group photo of our 6 children. Oh, the chaos. The ages involved; 4, 3, 2, 15 months, 15 months and 7 months. I'm not expecting much.

I'm still knitting away on Lucas' jumper (not knitting for Christmas, so it's deadline free) which is coming along nicely.

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