18 Nov 2007

Weekend Report

Well, the temperature has been roughly 30 degrees all week, and it sure feels like summer has arrived. We've changed over the flowers on the front porch, hoping to have blooms by Christmas time. Out go the poppies and pansies, in go red and white petunias and a lavender bush.

I've also planted more lettuce (since my mother tells me the price will triple by Christmas time) and a chilli bush. Yum!

The list of jobs is being slowly whittled away - yesterday I managed to make soap! Very exciting, and it took ages. It's a basic cold process batch, using olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, mineral water and caustic soda. I also stirred through vanilla scented coffee grounds to provide colour, scent and a grainy feel. Today I cut up the blocks, and have stored them away in the shed to cure.

I've been plugging away at a Christmas Quilt, which is coming along nicely.

Knitting of course has been happening, with a finished pod (pattern by Olivia here),

and 2 washcloths at a time.

It's now less than a week until my sister and her kids arrive from England, and I just can't wait.


Olivia said...

Hi Leah, I think you might be the first to use the pod pattern so I'm very excited to see it! What kind of wool did you use?

Leah said...

Sean Sheep Armtyage and Panda Woolbale. There's still some stitch definition after, but I don't think I'll felt it again, because it looks good!