5 Nov 2007

Monday Monday

It's been a strange day today. Tomorrow is a public holiday, so a fair few people have extended the weekend, and gone away. We've stayed at home, and work. But still, things are different.

This morning the kids and I attended playgroup. There were quite a few absent, but lots of enthusiasm from the people present. It was my turn to run the music session, and I'm glad that's over for another term.

We received an invitation to a birthday party, where fancy dress must be worn. Princess, fairy, superhero or pirate are the options. Lucas has decided to be a princess, Annabelle a fairy. Fortunately, the party is not for a month, and we may change these positions.

Today I've been working on our calendar for next year through Snapfish. Each month will feature a different family photo, and I'm getting all our family birthdays and events pre-printed on it with photos of the birthday person.

I'm fighting off a sore throat tonight - and really hoping it doesn't intensify. My sister and her family have been ill for a week now with similar...

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