3 Nov 2007

I love my postie!

Yes, I've received some great things in the mail this week.

Firstly, I was quick enough to get a Limited Edition of MixTape. All kinds of goodies were included - my favourite is the pattern for Miss Buttons. I've heard people talking about crafty goodness - and that is exactly how to describe this pack.

I've also received 2 Everyday Craft books from Amber of Kids Craft Weekly. So many cute ideas, and a perfect present for Christmas.

On the theme of mail, I was very keen to sign up for the Rockin Sock Club this year. However, I've done the sums, and just cannot justify (to myself) spending $50 per pair of socks. I can buy hand dyed cashmere sock yarn from England for less than that, and really do I need more sock patterns?

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