14 Nov 2007

Failed miserably

The daily posting thing, that is. Oh well.

We had a nice visit with my parents, but online time was severely limited (for which I blame my first posting lapse.) Of course, this have been one of the causes of the nice time.

I did a bit of knitting, a bit of felting, a bit of helping with computer problems and lots of talking. Annabelle's princess hat is finished, and is too big. I may to try to felt it again, to try and shrink it more. Lucas has a large head, and it fits him fine.

Also now finished is my Short Row hat, and a couple more washcloths.

I have decided that my washcloth collection should be given away at Christmas time, ideally with handmade soap. I have bought all the ingredients necessary (olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and caustic soda) and am just waiting for some uninterrupted time alone to make the soap. Hopefully this weekend, as the soap needs time to cure. Not having made soap before, I turned to my local library who did not diappoint. I have 3 different books, but am currently relying upon "soap; handmade, pure and natural" by Tatyana Hill.

Lately, my thoughts are turning to my working life. I've been a teacher for nine years, and feel that is not the way I want to spend my time. On the other hand, the hours and holidays are great for parents. Last week I thought an environmental science diploma might be the path. Today we visited the Botanical Gardens and my thoughts are turning to Botany. There's no rush to decide, but if I'm going to need further qualifications, now would be a good time to be studying.

Complicating this issue is the depression and accompanying laziness I'm still dealing with. The next six weeks are going to be a challenge too - lots to do, lots of time away from home, lots of stress-inducing decisions to be made.

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Kate said...

Love that short rown hat!