31 Oct 2007

Blogging Resumes!

Exciting, isn't it.

We've been away on holiday, and having computer free time. My, I've done a lot of knitting. I've also watched quite a bit of television.

The highlights of the holiday; seeing an emu strolling through a paddock, accompanied by it's babies; panning for gold at Sovereign Hill; riding the Talking Tram in Bendigo; driving for hours through ripening wheat. We also visited MANY adventure playgrounds in various towns.

Holiday's were once all about relaxation. I can only speculate when that will happen again.

I've completed my first pair of socks for the Southern Summer of Socks KAL, and happily wore them today. I have enough left over to make a pair of children's socks out of the same wool.

In Bendigo, we (naturally) visited the Bendigo Woollen Mills, and enhance the stash considerably. One addition included a nice cotton/wool sock yarn, which is currently on the needles.

16 Oct 2007

Blog Action Day

Well, actually, it was yesterday, but I still think there's a point.

Blog Action Day for more information.

Today, lots and lots of bloggers are explaining what they are doing to help the environment. Lots of ideas, and achievable ideas too.

The biggest thing we've done for the environment lately is get some chooks. I am embarrassed to say that we produce a lot of food waste (I think it comes with small children), and are happy to be feeding this directly to our chooks. The worm farm simply couldn't keep up.

We're also trying to be more and more waterwise. Short showers and collecting water in a bucket during the shower. I toss up what to do with the collected water - either on the vegies or straight into the washing machine.

Our next project is to get a greywater hose, so we can easily recycle water from the washing machine.

Another thing we've been trying is to no longer use paper towels. I'm not sure if this is a huge success, because the tea towels I've been using instead are heavily impregnated with grease. Our washing detergent is environmentally friendly, and isn't up to the job.

We're also growing vegetables. At this stage we're organic, and I think this will continue.

12 Oct 2007

Knitting... headaches... pollen

Knitting has been happening - I've been working on my boring old socks while watching Nigella and Ina. I used to knit with David Attenborough, but now don't like my kids seeing all those animals being eaten. Watching cooking shows shouldn't harm them in the least.

I've also been laid low with a headache the last couple of days. Very annoying. Tonight I've got a sinus thing happening too, so maybe it's all pollen related.

Since this is our first spring in Canberra, I'm taking particular note of what's happening in the air. So far, it's not so bad, but not great either.

6 Oct 2007


Today we visited Floriade, Canberra's Festival of Flowers. Arriving early, we beat the crowds. Among the very few visitors were my uncle and his young family, so that was nice to meet them there. Lucas went on the jumping castle with my cousins, and they had a great time together.

The tulips were alittle past their best, but still lovely, and I now have lots of planting ideas for next year's spring garden.

We also saw a family of swans. Lovely.

5 Oct 2007

Quilted Pants...

This is the only quilting I've done in weeks - quilted patches for my boy's trousers. I had previously quilted two fat quarters together with some cotton batting (to make a sunglasses case way back when), and simply used this as the patch material. I'm hoping it'll extend the life of my patches...

On the knitting front, I spent the first couple of days of October working on and cursing my Jaywalkers. I've officially given up, and have cast on for a pair of plain old stocking stitch socks with that wool (opal). I'm still attempting the 2 socks at once on 2 circulars, so it will be a little stretching for my skills. Using such fine needles really cramps up my little fingers, so I can't knit for too long at once. A disappointing start to the Southern Summer of Socks.

On the family front, Lucas had a coughing fit at the playground today. He was still coughing when we had walked home (maybe 2 minutes away), so I got him a drink and sat him down for a while. DH arrived home about a minute later, and Lucas had stopped coughing, but was breathing badly. We rang the doctor, who could see him straight away. They returned bearing ventolin and anti-histamines. The doctor gave Lucas ventolin while he was there, and his breathing improved immediately. While this is not conclusive proof of asthma, we have to watch Lucas carefully now, and go back if it recurs.