9 Sep 2007

Sunny Sunday

It's a beautiful day today, and I'm playing on the computer while DH is having a sleep-in. The kids are playing dressups (again.) We visited the Zoo during the week and saw this lovely little blue wren. I think they may well be my favourite birds ever.

I have done a little work on some Christmas stitchery ornaments, and hope to finish them off this afternoon. Ooh, I just searched the blog for any other information on these, and I was actually sewing them on January 4, 06.

Later, we will be building a pen for the chooks, as I am sick of them wandering all over the yard. Their favourite spot to sit while out is the back doormat, which is very unhygienic. I am also ready to do some spring plantings in the vegie garden, and the chooks will just eat the seedlings unless they are confined.
During the week, Annabelle had her hair cut. She seems pleased, and it looks much neater.

The days are still cool, but spring is definitely on the way.

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