9 Sep 2007


It's been a great day here. We've built the chook pen, and installed the chooks (they look a little unimpressed, but bad luck to them!).

This afternoon we planted an apple tree, and set up a strawberry pot system.

I have a worry though - either I'm suffering really badly with a spring time hayfever thing, or I'm showing signs of being allergic to the jumper that I'm knitting. I really hope it's the pollen.


Taphophile said...

Oh my goodness - pray it's the pollen.

So jealous of your chooks and their house.

Michelle said...

It was a lovely day, wasn't it? A great day for being in the garden - I think I may have even gotten a touch burnt!

I'm going to need to see photos of your chooks and chook house to feel the full effects of the jealousy I am currently feeling ;)