30 Sep 2007

Felting is FUN!

The kids and I spent the week with my parents, as planned, and had a lovely time. That really is the best thing about being home with my children full time - the freedom to pursue whims, or take timeout as necessary.

I spent a lot of time knitting, and managed to complete my French Market Bag. Here's the before picture,

and the after.

As can be seen above, the bag easily carries 5 Teletubbies.

Mum's washing machine is far superior to mine for felting purposes, and created a lovely texture in the wool. I'm knitting like crazy, and plan to take a stash of items ready to be felted with me when we next visit.
In springtime news, the Currawongs in the nest in our yard have hatched, although we can't yet see them. Mum and Dad have a Mudlark sitting on eggs in a tree at their place (fascinating to see they are called mudlarks because they make their nest out of mud - der!)

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