12 Sep 2007

Death in the Suburbs

Sounds like a Hamish MacBeth mystery, doesn't it!

Unfortunately, we were visited by a fox this morning, and Blackie is now dead.

The kids were surprised by the discovery of her headless body, but don't seem too shocked. It happened around 6.30, by which time I thought all foxes would be back to bed, but obviously not.

Brownie and Whitey are staying in the opposite end of their pen, despite treats being offered. Poor things.


Cosy said...

Oh, poor Blackie! Glad to hear not too traumatic for the rest of the family.

Gabrielle said...

Oh Leah, sorry to hear about Blackie - I gather she was one of your chooks? I wouldn't have thought foxes would be out in the morning - what bad luck. Glad the kids are taking it so well.