13 Aug 2007

Weekend Report

On Saturday, I attended the Canberra Quilt Show. There were some astonishing quilts there, and also some incredibly ordinary quilts there. My favourites;
No, I've changed my mind. There was a sign stating that photography was permitted, but for personal use only, and it strikes me that this is not personal use.
My favourite quilt was a prize winning exhibit by Susan Matthews of some Boabab trees. I also enjoyed a pictorial landscape scene, and a fruit and vegie quilt (made with the same fabrics as I used in a cot quilt earlier this year.)
I think this is the first quilt show I have ever attended where I have not bought anything. I was keen to buy a bag 'kit', and a new pair of scissors, and open to anything new and exciting. I was a little tempted by some 'Dick and Jane' panels, but that was it.
I have spent a little time over the last few days sewing, and my new bag is coming together nicely. I plan to finish it tomorrow.
Regarding my last post - it's an invitation to receive a FREE GIFT! Doesn't anyone want to play?


Helen said...

Leah, LOL, still debating whether I want to play or not.....

Kylie said...

I'd love to play :)

Knit Lunabud Knit said...

That is such a neat idea! I would love to play, but I don't want you to have to send something from australia to usa....lol maybe I will find it going around over here in the good ol' usa:)