30 Aug 2007

Flash your Stash!

Prepare for the dark side of my sewing/knitting/quilting hobbies to be exposed. I do not have a dedicated craft room, so my supplies are stored in the study. There is room for a sewing table in there (with a little furniture tetris), but sewing machines are not good for computers, with the dust and fibres they put into the air.

The big bookshelf;

The smaller bookshelf (moslty books and wool);

The cupboard;

The Fat Quarter cupboard (IKEA);

The pile of bulky things in the corner;

Looking at this list, why yes, I could do with some time spent reorganising my space.

It won't be today, though. Yesterday morning I fell while getting out of the shower. Something bad happened to my knee (involving twisting and being landed upon). I am hobbling off to the doctor this morning. It is much improved since yesterday (OWWW!!!) but still, I think today will involve minimal movement, and much knitting :)

Talking of knitting, I have made a good start on my cardigan, and am plugging away on the Mystery Stole.

Other excitement; the total eclipse of the moon. I have seen lots of lovely photos online, but my camera isn't up to the job.

And finally, yesterday the children didn't get dressed, but spent the day in their Egyptian 'dressup' clothes. Thanks, grandparents :)


Gabrielle said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with a bit of creative chaos going on! The kids egyptian outfits are so cute.

Just saw your last post too, and I'm so glad that you have finally got the information you were waiting for about Nalani.
All the best

The Humming Cat said...

oh wow, your stash is huge! I must flash mine on Sunday.

Helen said...

Great stash Leah! What FQ treasures are hiding in that FQ tall boy!!!