8 Aug 2007

Drop Out

Yes, I am a drop out. I've given up on the idea of a Dear Jane quilt right now. There are too many other things I want to spend time doing, and my available time seems to be shrinking.
My three main projects right now are;

  1. Mystery Stole 3. It's looking good, but I'm still behind, and not likely to catch up. The main problem with working on this is that I'm not very experienced at lace knitting yet, so need very few distractions around me, and to be quite alert.

  2. My Jaywalker socks. I've only recently started on these, and they are straight forward knitting, just slow.

  3. Pencil Roll. This is a project I'm working on with presents in mind, based on these.

I'm also working on regaining my housekeeping mojo, and my fitness. Fitness is a longterm goal, and covers both emotional and physical areas. My first priority is making an effort to leave the house at least 3 days a week.

Winter seems to be coming to an end here. I was rather dreading the cold winters in Canberra, so am happy to know that we can survive (easily if the heater's working.)


Kristy said...

Hi Leah!
You left a comment saying you'd like to join the PIF swap.I would love to send to you so just get back in touch and send me your email address so I can get your address from you.
Sorry it's taken so long but we have been on holiday in Norway!
Kristy x

Michelle said...

Ah - Canberra is fooling you! Winter doesn't finish until Floriade finishes! In October!

Kate said...

Love the fabrics for your pencil roll! I love my jaywalkers - I will definitely make more!

Polly said...

Oh yes I go through stages with the housekeeping, some weeks we are spick and span other weeks I just couldn't care. I told my husband i need a cleaner so I don't have to care every week, he doesn't seem to agree.