14 Aug 2007

Don't you think it's a bit bright?

No, DH, I don't. Today I finished sewing my new handbag, Frenchy from Amy Butler. I am delighted with it - easy and logical to sew, and nice when complete.
The outside is a Kaffe Fassett for Rowan print, and the inside is an old Debbie Mumm leopard print. The top is a Nancy Crow print (also old).

We've been out to dinner tonight, for my FIL's birthday. 6 adults, 4 children (4,4,2,2.) We went to to a Turkish restaurant, and had a good time. The food was delicious, and subtle enough to please unadventurous palates. The children enjoyed dipping their bread into 6 different dips, and were well behaved. 45 minutes late to bed, but hopefully that's not enough to make a big difference tomorrow.

We've also had a playdate this morning. Lovely. The kids play incredibly well together, and I love chatting with my friend from Uni days.


Kylie said...

I think the bag looks fantastic! I just love the lining :)

Sounds like you had a great time.The best thing about going out to dinner is that you don't have to do the dishes hehe.

Sonnja said...

Beautiful bag!!!
Kind Regards,


Steffi said...

Really beautiful bag!I like your fabrics too!

Michelle said...

Great bag! And certainly not too bright at all! (silly DH).

I seem to recall that rule about photography being because some of the US quilt shows don't allow your quilt to be entered in their show if it has been seen on the web. Even if it has been entered in another show. Some of our members enter US contests. I think even if the magazines want to publish a photo of your quilt, they have to ask permission, but I could be wrong of course.

So glad you enjoyed the show!

Gabrielle said...

I love your bag, and the fabrics are gorgeous, definitely not too bright. I was at the quilt show too (a wonderful child free afternoon while Warren babysat)- I found it quite inspiring and was thinking maybe I should join Canberra quilters - perhaps they could teach me how to actually do the quilting part!

Morag said...

Not too bright at all. I love Kasse Fassett's fabric. Your bag looks great Leah, and you have now made me hungry for Turkish food!