10 Jul 2007

Project Time

It's time for some crafting content. Firstly, I have completed and posted my bag for the International Tote Exchange IV. This has been quite a learning experience. I had some problems attaching the handles, but solved this by different handles. The originals will work better in a fabric bag.

I have also received my Tote Swap bag. It's a lovely little felted bag, which can be seen here, and arrived packed with a multitude of goodies.

As this knitting adventure is finished, I've signed up for another one. This time it's Lace - the Mystery Stole 3. New things for me include very fine yarn, and following a large chart. I've had several thoughts of quitting, but think I've solved my problems now. I can only work on it when the children are entertaining themselves, and when I'm not tired or mentally subpar. Oh, and when there's no sport on the television.

I've been spending some time making a 'Blanket of Love' for the Down Under Quilts competition. Here's a sneak peek;

Popular themes on Blankets of Love are hearts, rainbows, butterflies, and flowers. My daughter Nalani spent her life wrapped in a blanket of love, and I wanted the one I made to capture my feelings at that time. So no hearts or flowers. This has also meant that making the quilt is a very slow process.


Austy's Mum said...

That green fossil fern looks very familiar...:)

As I said before your bag is fantastic (the handles you chose really set it off) and I'm glad you had such a great pal and were spoilt. Looks gorgeous.

Looking forward to seeing the finished stole.

Knit Lunabud Knit said...

I am so happy that you received the tote safe and sound:) I was so worried about it not getting there in a relatively timely matter! I don't think I mentioned anything about the little rings lighting up, but give the ball a pinch:) The kids who come into our shop just have a ball playing with them.

Taueret said...

Don't give up on MS3, you're not the only one having "issues" :-). We'll get there.