22 Jul 2007

Knitting action

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I've spent some time knitting over the last week. I finished the Fetching fingerless gloves, and am enjoying wearing them.

I've also finished my long term project, the Clapotis, after finding the much needed last ball of yarn.

There's also been some lace knitting - it's going really well, and I am pleased.

In other news, I have devoured Harry Potter. I'm not a big fan of any war scenes, but I guess they were inevitable. Other than that, (and the surely unnecessary orphaning of another child) I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am starting again, slowly.


Kate said...

Lpve your fetching gloves - mine are the most useful thing I have knitted this year.

Kylie said...

Thanks! I love you Clapotis the colour is just lovely.I have always wanted to knit one but i have never got around to it. I fear it would take me to long :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Leah! I have been enjoying your blog - your knitting and quilting creations are amazing!

As for your questions on Cassidy's - it's a department store in Jamison (Macquarie) and Kingston, and they have very good range of yarns. You should go visit, but I don't want to encourage you or anything ;-)

Gabrielle said...

My goodness you have been productive with the knitting, and reading the whole 600 pages of Harry Potter in a week - how do you do it - can you knit and read at the same time?!!

gilda said...

oh wow, that lace is gorgeous. i've just picked up knitting and i'm so lousy at it, i take forever to finish one small thing!! how do you do it! wow!! i also lovethe pictures you take. they're so colorful and the kids are so cute.