19 Jul 2007

A few days away...

We've been down to the coast, visiting my parents house. They're not there right now, so we did a few household chores, and a bit of lazing around. I also had time for a little knitting - I finished my fingerless gloves, and miraculously found the extra yarn I need to finish my wrap (last ball, on a clearance table!) Unfortunately, I forgot to take an extra ball for the lace stole, so only managed 4 rows of it.
The kids gathered macadamia nuts ready for my Dad to crack when he gets back.
Lucas showed off his emerging talents as a graffiti artist, and
Annabelle won my Papa's heart by playing with his dog.
And then on the way back, we saw sheep being herded on Lake George.
Yes, this is one of the worst photos I have ever posted (the white patch are the sheep), but I think Annabelle and the dog may be one of the best ever, so we're even.
I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series, and am on target to be ready for the new one on Saturday.

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Helen said...

Leah! I'm picking up my copy tomorrow! I like to reread the previous one before starting the new one. They are so cool!