27 Jul 2007

Friday Fun

We had fun today! This is worth mentioning, as mostly I am fighting through a fog, and fun is not part of it.

This morning we played in our pyjamas until late. Lucas was persuaded at 11 to get dressed, only because we were leaving the house. I am convinced it is his ambition to spend a whole day (forever and ever mummy!) in his pyjamas.

We went into the city, sorry, I mean Civic, to meet Daddy for lunch. The kids enjoyed this, given they've barely seen him lately, due to early starts and late finishes.

I had a voucher from Lincraft to spend, so we went there afterwards and stocked up on bamboo. 2 circular needles, to use for my self patterning yellow Opal socks, and a ball of Bamboozle, a yarn made of bamboo and cotton. I've no plan for the yarn, but it sounded very interesting, and feels very soft.

During the week I have also spent some time working on my Blanket of Love quilt. All that's left to do is hand stitch the binding down, and then I'm done (thanks heavens.) I thought it would be therapeutic working on this, but mostly it's just upsetting.

The other highlight of today was introducing the children to "The Wizard of Oz."

Tonight I managed to get out for an hour of late night shopping. I bought a heavily reduced, nonstick heavy weight breville roasting pan, and have now discovered it doesn't fit in the oven. Bugger. I was so excited.

There's been little progress on the stole - I just haven't been up to it.

Thanks, QuiltingMick for the tip on Cassidy's - I'll put it on my list!

22 Jul 2007

Knitting action

Originally uploaded by pugglelogic

I've spent some time knitting over the last week. I finished the Fetching fingerless gloves, and am enjoying wearing them.

I've also finished my long term project, the Clapotis, after finding the much needed last ball of yarn.

There's also been some lace knitting - it's going really well, and I am pleased.

In other news, I have devoured Harry Potter. I'm not a big fan of any war scenes, but I guess they were inevitable. Other than that, (and the surely unnecessary orphaning of another child) I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am starting again, slowly.

19 Jul 2007

A few days away...

We've been down to the coast, visiting my parents house. They're not there right now, so we did a few household chores, and a bit of lazing around. I also had time for a little knitting - I finished my fingerless gloves, and miraculously found the extra yarn I need to finish my wrap (last ball, on a clearance table!) Unfortunately, I forgot to take an extra ball for the lace stole, so only managed 4 rows of it.
The kids gathered macadamia nuts ready for my Dad to crack when he gets back.
Lucas showed off his emerging talents as a graffiti artist, and
Annabelle won my Papa's heart by playing with his dog.
And then on the way back, we saw sheep being herded on Lake George.
Yes, this is one of the worst photos I have ever posted (the white patch are the sheep), but I think Annabelle and the dog may be one of the best ever, so we're even.
I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series, and am on target to be ready for the new one on Saturday.

16 Jul 2007

Happy birthday

to my little sister. She's a super Mum to two boys rapidly approaching their first birthdays, and really wanted a special cake. So, she chose Raspberry Almond Meringue Chocolate Cake from an Australian Women's Weekly cookbook (can't find it online.) I was very worried cooking it, as you spread the meringue over the cake, and bake them together. Hence, I had no idea if the cake was cooked under the meringue. It turned out just fine, although I had to use strawberries instead of raspberries (none in my local shop.)

In other household news, I have finally dealt with an old stained black top. It's one of my favourites, but grease stains are really tricky to get out of black clothes. My solution was to spray bleach over the shirt. It removed the black, leaving red splatters, and looks pretty good. My MIL admired before I even told her about my creative solution.

Knitting continues on the Mystery Stole. I got lots done over the weekend, but this is at the cost of the Blanket of Love, and the Dear Jane blocks. Priorities.

11 Jul 2007

And another crafty commitment...

Just in case I'm feeling undercommitted, I went to my first Dear Jane class tonight. I started this quilt in 2001 (i think), got 9 blocks in, and lost interest. I am using cream fabric as a backing, and a spectrum of 24 hand dyed fabrics (which I dyed way back then with a kit from Gecko Gully - great fun!)
There you go AJ, a picture just for you :)

No knitting on the lace stole today, but I did manage to finish the applique on my Blanket of Love, and hope to start quilting it tomorrow.

10 Jul 2007

Project Time

It's time for some crafting content. Firstly, I have completed and posted my bag for the International Tote Exchange IV. This has been quite a learning experience. I had some problems attaching the handles, but solved this by different handles. The originals will work better in a fabric bag.

I have also received my Tote Swap bag. It's a lovely little felted bag, which can be seen here, and arrived packed with a multitude of goodies.

As this knitting adventure is finished, I've signed up for another one. This time it's Lace - the Mystery Stole 3. New things for me include very fine yarn, and following a large chart. I've had several thoughts of quitting, but think I've solved my problems now. I can only work on it when the children are entertaining themselves, and when I'm not tired or mentally subpar. Oh, and when there's no sport on the television.

I've been spending some time making a 'Blanket of Love' for the Down Under Quilts competition. Here's a sneak peek;

Popular themes on Blankets of Love are hearts, rainbows, butterflies, and flowers. My daughter Nalani spent her life wrapped in a blanket of love, and I wanted the one I made to capture my feelings at that time. So no hearts or flowers. This has also meant that making the quilt is a very slow process.

3 Jul 2007


I've spent the day encouraging the children to go quietly. They've spent most of the day in the backyard squealing. I'm surprised the chooks want to be anywhere near them, but as a general rule, where one goes, five go (2 children, 3 chooks.)

I've also spent the day doing a bit of anxiety eating. The hospital rang to make an appointment to discuss Nalani's post mortem results. The first available time with the geneticist is late August.

1 Jul 2007

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, Annabelle.