11 Jun 2007

Long Weekend Roundup

Well, it's over. The best news is, tomorrow is Tuesday, and we are expecting a visit from the Heater Fixer. I have been freezing for a week.

Today we went over to my Uncle's house for lunch. My sister and her family were also there, and while we were there another Uncle (this one from Queensland!) dropped in with his two (adult) kids. So together, we were 9 adults, 6 children all having a lovely time. It was hard to leave.

I also had to ring my Dad with some bad news. His sister has had another stroke, and been admitted to hospital where she is in palliative care. I'm feeling bad about this news, and terrible at having to tell Dad.

Some fireworks action;

And some quilting action;

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Julia said...

Hi there. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
Love the quilt... and that scarf a few entries down is just delicious. :-)