28 Jun 2007

life in the big city

Nope, not ours. We've been to Sydney for a few days.
The trip north was slow, mainly due to fog.

and babycino stops.

Our first priority was IKEA. We shopped till we dropped, and still forgot some things. While there, I decided not to buy another nightlight, since Lucas now goes to sleep fine in the dark, since the charger to his broke. Since we've returned home, Annabelle now requires a light. Typical.

We stayed in some serviced apartments, which worked really well for us. It was also very exciting being right in the heart of the city. We walked through Hyde Park to see the Archibald fountain (below) to get to the Australian Museum,

where we were enraptured by a dinosaur!

There seems to be a lot of walking whenever you 'sightsee' in a city, so we went for a ride on the Monorail down to Darling Harbour.

There's a few interesting water features, and a playground at Darling Harbour, so we stayed a while.

We then paused for a smoothie, watched closely by the seagulls.

And then we spotted the Lindt Cafe. If only we hadn't had the smoothie. So instead of indulging in hot chocolate, I just bought some Lindor balls (peanut butter! cookies and cream! and so fresh...)

Later, we had dinner at the Casino. The children were absolutely exhausted.

Our plan was to then spend the day at Taronga Zoo before heading home. It didn't actually stop raining, so we went shopping instead (DH had to remain available in the city till 12). Fortunately, there was a playground at the shops;

Little kids aren't really much good at shopping, so I didn't get to visit Tapestry Craft, or Kinokuniya.
Worst of all, we came home Tuesday, and the Sydney Quilt Show started Wednesday. No doubt I'll attend the Canberra Show, but Sydney is the biggest and the best. Sob.
It was nice to be back in Sydney, where things are familiar, and I have a history. I'm still wondering how long it takes to feel at home somewhere new. I feel at home inside our house and yard, but that's about it for Canberra so far.


rosie said...

Your trip sounds delightful! Any trip to IKEA with money to spend sounds great to me. I used to live in Sydney also and moved to Melbourne as a teenager. My first Husband and I tried to live in Perth for a year but I found it difficult to fit in. Just as we decided to go back to Melbourne,I realised I was starting to fit in Perth. I think it takes a year to start to feel ok with such a big move. Hang in there and keep blogging. I think it is such a good tool to feel less lonely. xx

Kylie said...

Oh Leah - I hope that you feel at home soon. I was in Canberra for 18 months and loved it. I will have to visit next time I come and visit friends - I used to feel like that - but moving as much as we have in the last few years I have come to the conclusion of getting out and meeting people and no matter where we move to I will always be home! IYKWIM. Canberra is hard though - it must be all of thos polies! My favs about Canberra have got to be - by first experience of WINTER and four seasons, Hall Markets and Bus Depo Markets (actually all of the Markets) Breakfast at Manuka, Crafty Frog - love that shop!

Corrie said...

wow I forgot you poor canberrans don't have ikea! looks like you had fun but shame there wasn't much crafting shopping going on.

I'm so sorry to read your lost your baby at birth, I just suffered an ectopic pregnancy and that has left me very sad so I just can't imagine to lose a little one at birth....I hope you get some answers from the dr when you see him and can last till august

oh btw I grew up in canberra and went to uni there so I hope you settle in soon....I don't miss the winter

take care,