21 Jun 2007


Firstly, the bag I am knitting for the International Tote Exchange IV. It's coming along nicely. I hope to finish the knitting today. Then I need to weave in all the ends (there are a LOT) and then felt the bag and attach the handles. Then think about a lining - I'm not sure if it will need one.

This is the quilt I finished earlier in the week. It is made of flannel fabrics, so is lovely and warm. Good news, since our heater is still not working. I may move to Queensland.

And finally, more visitors to the bird feeder. These are Eastern Rosellas.


Austy's Mum said...

The quilt looks great! Love the colours.

keslyn said...

Hi Leah,
Thanks for dropping by my blog, I do have a web site
I am not very good at keeping it up todate, but you can have a look, my newsletters have lots of details.
I love the look of those ginger breads, I will be making some for my Chrissy in July, hope mine turn out as yummy looking as yours.
Happy sewing

Melly said...

Sounds like a great, fun filled trip!!! I also lived in Canberra for a while and we never felt quite at home, but hey, at least Sydney is nice and close - we came from Melbourne and it was a bit of a longer hike home (though we still did at least monthly!!!) Pity you missed the show!

catsmum said...

hey did you see the one I felted a couple of weeks ago? Same colours or near enough to !
Great minds think alike.
Love the mitred squares.
btw thanks for visiting and good luck with the comp.