18 Jun 2007

I think I might be...

feeling optimistic! This is how I like to feel, but haven't been able to manage it for some time. I was expecting this week to be difficult. My sister in law has just announced her pregnancy (she's about a minute along), and Nalani's due date is this week.

But for some reason, I think I might be ready to rejoin my life.

This morning we had an old friend drop by with his daughter. G was husband to our friend Kim, who passed away in December. The kids played nicely together, which is always a nice thing, while G and I caught up.

After Kim's funeral, I had a discussion with some of my oldest friends about priorities in life. We all felt the need to live more in the moment as a result of losing Kim. G had some news today about some of these old friends who have all made major changes in their lives. Back when we all talked about this, my family, and new baby were my priority. I think this is still true, but it's time to start working on my life as well.

I'm thinking about where to start - haircut, exercise, diet evaluation????

Tonight, I finished a quilt. It's about the right size for a double bed, and has been waiting to be quilted for a long time. In fact, the pins that were holding it together have rusted. I quilted and bound it in about an hour. I think I pieced this quilt while living with my parents before becoming pregnant with my son. That makes it 2002. More embarrassing, it was always meant to be an everyday quilt, suitable for picnics, and to go in the car. Finished is DEFINITELY better than perfect, and DH is snuggling under it right now (our heating is still not fixed.)

I also mended some jeans for Lucas. I think this is the first mending I have had to do for him, so quite enjoyed it.

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