29 Jun 2007

Happiness is....

a working heating system. Central heating, I love you.

If you think I'm overreacting here, I'm NOT! It's been very cold, and I've been fairly miserable. For nearly a month.

Today has been busy, but not exciting. It's Annabelle's birthday on Sunday, and we're having a family party. So today I have thoroughly vacuumed and dusted, and put various things away. I've also built our new toy storage system, and filled it up with toys. The kids love it, as they can get things in and out pretty easily. I like it, as the floor is suddenly a lot clearer.

The theme for the party is "ladybugs", so I've been out shopping tonight for supplies. I know there are ladybug chocolates in the city, but I didn't want to go that far, so I'm settling for green tree frog chocolates from Darrell Lea.

Thanks for your comments regarding feeling at home in Canberra. I'm sure it will happen, I just still feel unsettled.

And finally, a picture of playing children. These assorted teddies and dollies are known collectively as 'the darlings', and are cared for diligently by both Lucas and Annabelle.

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Kate said...

Heating and hot water - two very important things! Love the idea of ladybugs as a theme.