29 Jun 2007

Happiness is....

a working heating system. Central heating, I love you.

If you think I'm overreacting here, I'm NOT! It's been very cold, and I've been fairly miserable. For nearly a month.

Today has been busy, but not exciting. It's Annabelle's birthday on Sunday, and we're having a family party. So today I have thoroughly vacuumed and dusted, and put various things away. I've also built our new toy storage system, and filled it up with toys. The kids love it, as they can get things in and out pretty easily. I like it, as the floor is suddenly a lot clearer.

The theme for the party is "ladybugs", so I've been out shopping tonight for supplies. I know there are ladybug chocolates in the city, but I didn't want to go that far, so I'm settling for green tree frog chocolates from Darrell Lea.

Thanks for your comments regarding feeling at home in Canberra. I'm sure it will happen, I just still feel unsettled.

And finally, a picture of playing children. These assorted teddies and dollies are known collectively as 'the darlings', and are cared for diligently by both Lucas and Annabelle.

28 Jun 2007

life in the big city

Nope, not ours. We've been to Sydney for a few days.
The trip north was slow, mainly due to fog.

and babycino stops.

Our first priority was IKEA. We shopped till we dropped, and still forgot some things. While there, I decided not to buy another nightlight, since Lucas now goes to sleep fine in the dark, since the charger to his broke. Since we've returned home, Annabelle now requires a light. Typical.

We stayed in some serviced apartments, which worked really well for us. It was also very exciting being right in the heart of the city. We walked through Hyde Park to see the Archibald fountain (below) to get to the Australian Museum,

where we were enraptured by a dinosaur!

There seems to be a lot of walking whenever you 'sightsee' in a city, so we went for a ride on the Monorail down to Darling Harbour.

There's a few interesting water features, and a playground at Darling Harbour, so we stayed a while.

We then paused for a smoothie, watched closely by the seagulls.

And then we spotted the Lindt Cafe. If only we hadn't had the smoothie. So instead of indulging in hot chocolate, I just bought some Lindor balls (peanut butter! cookies and cream! and so fresh...)

Later, we had dinner at the Casino. The children were absolutely exhausted.

Our plan was to then spend the day at Taronga Zoo before heading home. It didn't actually stop raining, so we went shopping instead (DH had to remain available in the city till 12). Fortunately, there was a playground at the shops;

Little kids aren't really much good at shopping, so I didn't get to visit Tapestry Craft, or Kinokuniya.
Worst of all, we came home Tuesday, and the Sydney Quilt Show started Wednesday. No doubt I'll attend the Canberra Show, but Sydney is the biggest and the best. Sob.
It was nice to be back in Sydney, where things are familiar, and I have a history. I'm still wondering how long it takes to feel at home somewhere new. I feel at home inside our house and yard, but that's about it for Canberra so far.

21 Jun 2007


Firstly, the bag I am knitting for the International Tote Exchange IV. It's coming along nicely. I hope to finish the knitting today. Then I need to weave in all the ends (there are a LOT) and then felt the bag and attach the handles. Then think about a lining - I'm not sure if it will need one.

This is the quilt I finished earlier in the week. It is made of flannel fabrics, so is lovely and warm. Good news, since our heater is still not working. I may move to Queensland.

And finally, more visitors to the bird feeder. These are Eastern Rosellas.

18 Jun 2007

I think I might be...

feeling optimistic! This is how I like to feel, but haven't been able to manage it for some time. I was expecting this week to be difficult. My sister in law has just announced her pregnancy (she's about a minute along), and Nalani's due date is this week.

But for some reason, I think I might be ready to rejoin my life.

This morning we had an old friend drop by with his daughter. G was husband to our friend Kim, who passed away in December. The kids played nicely together, which is always a nice thing, while G and I caught up.

After Kim's funeral, I had a discussion with some of my oldest friends about priorities in life. We all felt the need to live more in the moment as a result of losing Kim. G had some news today about some of these old friends who have all made major changes in their lives. Back when we all talked about this, my family, and new baby were my priority. I think this is still true, but it's time to start working on my life as well.

I'm thinking about where to start - haircut, exercise, diet evaluation????

Tonight, I finished a quilt. It's about the right size for a double bed, and has been waiting to be quilted for a long time. In fact, the pins that were holding it together have rusted. I quilted and bound it in about an hour. I think I pieced this quilt while living with my parents before becoming pregnant with my son. That makes it 2002. More embarrassing, it was always meant to be an everyday quilt, suitable for picnics, and to go in the car. Finished is DEFINITELY better than perfect, and DH is snuggling under it right now (our heating is still not fixed.)

I also mended some jeans for Lucas. I think this is the first mending I have had to do for him, so quite enjoyed it.

13 Jun 2007

Colder and colder

It's freezing again. Even the roofs are frosty.
The heater guys duly came, said they could see the problem, and gave the faulty valve a whack with a spanner. This fixed it, for at least 45 minutes. Fortunately, I had decided to splurge, and get the part replaced. It could take another week for the part to arrive, and for them to return. And it's cold.

Despite this, my garden has started to grow. The broad beans and snowpeas are erupting out of the mulch, and looking great, although I haven't inspected them in this rather heavy frost. The pansies are also flowering nicely.
Finally, some knitting. Oh, and some gratuitous nephew cuteness. The cardy is Knitty's Haiku in Cleckheaton Country Silk.

11 Jun 2007

Long Weekend Roundup

Well, it's over. The best news is, tomorrow is Tuesday, and we are expecting a visit from the Heater Fixer. I have been freezing for a week.

Today we went over to my Uncle's house for lunch. My sister and her family were also there, and while we were there another Uncle (this one from Queensland!) dropped in with his two (adult) kids. So together, we were 9 adults, 6 children all having a lovely time. It was hard to leave.

I also had to ring my Dad with some bad news. His sister has had another stroke, and been admitted to hospital where she is in palliative care. I'm feeling bad about this news, and terrible at having to tell Dad.

Some fireworks action;

And some quilting action;

10 Jun 2007

Firecracker weekend and baby names

In the ACT, firecrackers are legal for use over the Queen's Birthday long weekend. Since we now live here, we felt obliged to join in this ridiculously loud and dangerous waste of money. What fun! I tried to take pictures, but they're all shocking. We'll be setting some more off tonight.

Kate answered a new meme, and I think I will too;

Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Lucas - meaning 'bringer of light'.

We each went through the baby names book, and made a list of names we liked, for both boys and girls. Then together, we compared lists, and made a shortlist of any overlap, and names we liked. This was at about 30 weeks, and we just left it at this stage. When I was hospitalised at 33 weeks, we took out the shortlist, and made a decision. Dh thinks Lucas is named after his grandmother-like ex-neighbour, and I let him think this.

Annabelle- graceful, beautiful.

This pregnancy we found out at about 28 weeks that we were having a girl. We wanted a 'girly', pretty name, which would still work or an adult, and Annabelle was just irresistible. It also has family connotations, as my sister is Isabell, and my grandmother Isabella. Again, we pursued the shortlist system, and decided shortly before the birth was induced at 36 weeks.

Nalani - calmness of the heavens

When we found out at 22 weeks that our babe could not survive, we read through the baby names book looking for the perfect name for an Angel. I think we found it.

8 Jun 2007

Pictures #5

The birds are cold, and lining up at our feeder

and the children are hungry, and lining up at the gingerbread.

and not my picture, but goodness me it's stormy (And ships should not be on the beach!)

7 Jun 2007

Pictures #4

Terrible photo, but the quilt's coming together. Slowly, since the heater's broken, so we spend the days OUT!!!!

Pictures #3

At the Zoo, where we saw 2 male lions mating (no, these are not the pictures provided!)

The resident King cheetah

Pictures #2

An optimistic poppy

And an optimistic daughter - "Mummy are you taking a picture of me?"

4 Jun 2007

The chooks have landed

At the markets;

That's the one;

Home sweet chookhouse

This week, I'm following Suse's lead - pictures, with just a few words.