28 May 2007

A weekend in the garden

We spent quite a lot of time in the garden this weekend. It didn't look like a nice day at 8am but things improved.

DH worked with his parents to make me a vegetable garden for my birthday. I am really excited about this. It's 3m x 1.5m, and I have planted it full of broad beans and snowpeas. It's actually a little late to be planting for winter here, so the legumes are just to improve the soil till spring time. If we get any beans or peas then that is just a bonus. The garden is muched with sugar cane mulch, and the forecast says rain tonight. Perfect!

The other action is that DH has killed our nest of European wasps. I am glad about this, since we spend a lot of time at the clothesline, which is right next to the nest.

The chookhouse is finished, and ready for occupants, who we hope to buy on the weekend from Hall markets.
I've finished knitting my PoshYarns cashmere scarf. It is incredibly soft - I need more cashmere in my life
And finally, Lucas and Annabelle have continued being their lovely selves. They are both enthusiastic, loving and cooperative, wich apparently isn't all that typical.

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Kylie said...

Oh yes frosty mornings and fog - Oh I miss Canberra - and hall markets - my favourite! I love the caramel slice from there - can you still get it??? Your little garden looks great and I like the chook house!

And love the colours in the scalf!