18 May 2007

UFO update + Mothering Sunday

An update on the list;

Lucas socks - just cast on FINISHED

Lucas jumper - front and back done Actually the front isn't finished yet, but I'm working on it n daylight (navy too hard to see at night)

Dylan cardigan - front and back done FINISHED

Clark cardigan - on second front

clapotis wrap - stalled due to run out of yarn

Jasper cardigan - just needs buttons FINISHED

Darwin cardigan - just needs buttons

scarf - about half way through

It was Mother's Day on Sunday, which we spent with the ILs, and shopping at various outdoor markets. I'm a bit annoyed with the whole concept right now, as I figure it's not a real thing anyway, and is guaranteed to upset people who have lost their mothers, or their children, or aren't mothers when they want to be. Anyway, here are my 2 lovely children who gave me tulip bulbs and citus trees and secateurs and uncooked buttermilk pancakes on Sunday;
Completely unposed, just the spot they chose to eat their apples.
Yesterday we went into the city for lunch with DH. Lucas asked if he could climb a tree. I said yes, and this is what happened;
My keyboard is playing up which is very annoying, and scary in a laptop.

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