2 May 2007

Pink sky at night, sunset delight?

That's not quite how the saying goes, but it was very nice to see tonight. I tried several times to photograph the pinkness, but just couldn't manage it. If I had PhotoShop, I probably would have tried enhancing the pink to what my eyes saw, but I don't.
Meanwhile, it's Work In Progress Wednesday.
My second pair of two-at-a-time on circular needle toddler socks. Well, they were in progress, and now they're keeping Lucas' feet warm while he's asleep in bed.
Which means it's time to get onto another project. Unfortunately, I've got many to choose from, and the first priority has to be the sleeves for my nephew's cardigan, since my Dad will be taking it to England shortly. Nothing like a deadline.
We've had a nice evening tonight - the inlaws came over for dinner and cards (we play Bolivia), and that's always fun. This morning I had a couple of jobs to do out at the shops, and then this afternoon my sister and her babies came over and played.


Helen said...

These socks look nice and toasty! Love the red toes! :)

Leah said...

Thanks! The red is purely because I ran out of the other. But it doesn make this pair easy to distinguish from the other pair :)