31 May 2007


We've had another visitor to the bird feeder - a Crimson Rosella. He was very nervous, and didn't stay long.

We've also had a couple of very cold nights. Last night it was down to -4 degrees C, and our heater wasn't working. This morning we were amazed by this ice on the table, which was under the back verandah!

I've also one a little sewing - this skirt made of polar fleece for Annabelle. She loves to wear skirts, and the only ones she had are flimsy little cotton ones. What a terrible photo.

I have also celebrated my birthday. Not particularly exciting this year.

I am struggling at the moment, as women I was delighted to be sharing a pregnancy with, are giving birth. I am happy for them, but am also mourning our loss.

Some food for thought; I was talking with a woman whose children are roughly the same ages as mine. She was filling in a form, and trying to decide what occupation to put down. She works 7 hours a week as a bookkeeper, does a party plan (one party a week) business, and the rest of the time is at home with the kids. She was trying to choose between the bookkeeping, and partyplan entrepeneur titles, as that is her 'real life.'

Right now, I am happy to be spending my real life with my family. Later, I still expect to be spending my real life with them, and time away will just be a necessary evil .

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