6 May 2007

Bookcrossing comes through!

I started Bookcrossing about 3 years ago, released a few books, forgot for a while, released a few more, and then forgot. Today that changed - someone found one of my books!

I released it at Mogo Zoo a little over two years ago, and that's where they found it. I guess the lions have been reading it... Seriously, this was really exciting, and I have labelled a new stack of books, which were destined for the op shop.

We've had a nice weekend - bought a new quilt cover, did a little gardening, and visited the Guide fete at Government House. The gardening was a bit painful - it turns out what looked like nice shrubs are actually a giant festering lantana-like plant strangling various bushes. There's plenty more work to be done, so I'll take photos next time.

The kids helped their grandparents do some mulching
and later helped me make Nigella's Birthday Custard Sponge (the first thing I've made from her new cookbook Feast.)
I don't quite know why it looks lopsided here - in any case, it tasted great.

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