29 Apr 2007

Rainy weekend

We've had some rain this weekend - reason for celebration given our state of drought. My thoughts are turning to grey water hoses, and tulips. Not that the tulips will help with water usage, but I believe it's cold enough here to get some flowers come spring. Exciting.

I'm having a little trouble with motivation. DH has taken the kids out both Saturday and Sunday, and I simply couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I'm vulnerable to depression right now, and I can feel it hovering just outside the door, so to speak.

The rain has washed the leaves off our lovely red tree *now known to be a Claret Ash* out the back - quite a different look now. We've also had a visitor to our bird feeder - a sulphur crested cockatoo. It's a terrible photo, but we were inside, and very excited.... I'm sure he'll return for more seed :)

And finally, it's been a very satisfying end to the World Cup - Australia were unbeaten in the entire World Cup tournament, emerging as Champions of the World!!!!


mohairpink said...

Yeah, but that's because nobody else was really tryin'
heh heh heh.

Leah said...

But we were, and that's what matters :)

Corrie said...

hi there

I'm a canberra girl myself so love your blog and hearing about weather in canberra....I remember winter well!

I actually sell frenchy if you go to retro mummy shop I've just reordered some more which will be here in 2 weeks

it is branching out! I love it but it was tricky for me and my beginner lace knitting ability! it took 6 goes to get it started but I really love it and once you can see the pattern you're on a roll!