15 Apr 2007

Knitting action

Yesterday, I knitted a new washcloth, using one of the patterns from the website mentioned in my previous post. It's very versatile, can be used as a washcloth, or a hat :)
It was a beautiful sunny day today, I spent the morning shopping, where I ran into my best friend from Uni, whom I haven't seen since her wedding umm 8 years ago? We've arranged to catch up on Tuesday, and I'm very excited about this.
Last night didn't include much sleep. By 1am I was still awake, and that's when Annabelle woke up. She woke again several times, after being resettled, and we ended up bringing her into our bed. Lucas woke at 6am, yelling. I didn't get back to sleep (I rarely can), so DH went back to bed and snoozed.
The leaves in our yard are changing into autumn colours, which the kids are very excited about. As we drive along, they yell out 'red leaves' (well, actually 'red leave-ers') when they spot some.

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Kylie said...

What a great washcloth - there will be fun to had in the bath with that one!