13 Apr 2007

Dishcloth heaven

Before I forget, this is a fabulous site for free patterns to knit dishcloths. I bought some Anchor Magicline cheap a few weeks ago, and plan to knit a few more washers for DH out of it.

Little knitting has happened here lately, although I am onto the second front of the baby cardigan for my new nephew.

His Mummy is having a few troubles getting feeding established, and I am feeling shocking at not being able to offer any support. So instead of being useful, I bought the small boy a present, and am knitting for him.

I'm finding life a bit difficult at present - not sleeping well, extreme tiredness, and definite crankiness. My cold hasn't really developed, thank heavens, but I'm definitely not well. This has meant I can't get my twin cuddle fix from my local nephews, which has probably contributed to the crankiness - not only the cuddles, but also the conversation with my sister.

Meanwhile, there's been birdlife in the backyard;

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