17 Mar 2007

Wearing o' the green

Accidentally, I did wear green today. I've only just remembered that it's St Patrick's Day, though.

It's been a busy day. This morning Dh and I went and bought Lucas a bike for his upcoming birthday. It's not really a surprise, as his grandparents bought him a helmet this morning (with his assistance), but we've hidden it away in my wardrobe anyway.

This afternoon we went shopping at our local super-hardward store, Bunnings. We bought a worm farm, worms, a mushroom farm, and some sand for the sandpit. Everything's all set up, and the kids had to eat some carrots so they could feed the worms - very exciting.

DH and his Dad have also started discussing our chook house. It'll probably take a few months to happen, but we're on the way.

I'm happy we're starting on a greener lifestyle. St Patrick would probably be pleased, too.

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