29 Mar 2007

Thrilling Thursday

Not so thrilling, actually, but that's typical.

Since my nephew has arrived, and been presented with his quilt, I can now share a photo of the finished piece;

I wish I was close enough to visit and cuddle this little boy. Instead, I'm feeling all jumbled up.
Annabelle decided to stop using nappies this week. The first day she did superbly, with no accidents until I told her father how she'd gone all day, then suddenly a flood. Since then, we've not done so well, but she seems determined. Fair enough, although we may go back into a nappy for tomorrow's 3 hour car trip.
We're off to the coast for the weekend, where we will enjoy the green, green grass of home. We'll also be attending the Relay for Life. I'm not walking (glad I decided not to since my iron related tiredness is still shocking), but I'll be there with my friends, remembering our friend Kim.

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